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From Farm work permit to In Home Caregiver Work Permit

Mark Gerwin Garcia May 13, 2019

Farmer Work Permit to losing his status and farming job TURNED into a In Home Caregiver Program


Thank you so much ms nori, for your big help..your confidence and your constant determination to make this simple draft possible is totally a life changing…

Thank you for giving me hope and directions to chase my dream.. I know we’ve been from a very long and tough process...but, its all worth it waiting for..therefore, I extending my sincerest gratitude on behalf of my family..for making this fight possible.. I truly am admiring you for being such a credible consultant to fight for my rights that Im truly deserve ( for this job) by putting some insights and other words of wisdom that helps them to decide and get this job.

Thank you so much ms Nori! Words are not enough how grateful I am to have you...but, allow me to say thanks and God bless you. For a very good and inspiring journey. Though, this is just a beginning of my journey but one thing for sure that i know...im ”blessed” and i could say that im a confidently beautiful with a big heart to help and inspire.. Of course with his god’s grace! In line with the celebration of mothers day.. I would like to greet you a happy mother’s day Ms. Nori.. You dont know how blessed WE are to have you...thank you for a life changing experience Ms Nori! Take care and Godbless!

Ms. Nori, thank you for filling up my life..rest assured ill do the same thing most esp. those who are in need..

Malaking tulong po Ms Nori kasi matutulungan ko po mga kapatid ko in the near future to get and land in canada too..



From Restaurant work permit to In Home Caregiver Work Permit

My name is Raquel. I was working from Hongkong for more than 1 year as a Caregiver. I have the biggest desire to work in Canada, it was my dream country to work and live, that's why I studied Caregiver Training Certificate from the Philippines before going to Hongkong. I got the chance to get a VISA as a Restaurant Service Crew ( Wendys)in Alberta. Unfortunately, the Temporary Resident Program for the Restaurants had changed and the restaurant where I worked with can no longer support me a Work Permit Extention. I was in a Limbo. My Auntie invited me to move to Toronto. I might have the chance to get a work permit as a Caregiver. I met a ghost consultant and placement agency. I have provided her all my documents with a promise to give me a SPONSORSHIP under the caregiver program. I paid her more than $8,000 ( receipt from her is being kept for a claim someday) but for 8 months she had never shown any indication that the paper works are really under process. I asked her any kind of evidence if she is working out my papers, but she has never show me anything. Then she admitted there was nothing in process. I was asking for a refund, or perhaps at least half of the money I gave her but she never have the intention to give it back. It is gone!

I am young, innocent in terms of Immigration Laws in Canada. One of my friend back home referred me a very bright, kind and considerate Immigration Consultant – Norilyn Oligo-Sarma. She even helped me analyze my qualification, assessed my immigration status. I came to her with an OUT OF STATUS condition.

She then quickly gave me a SPONSOR, she processed my LMIA, my RESTORATION to stay in Canada while waiting for the WORK PERMIT. At first I asked myself “ How will she do this? My CHAOTIC status in CANADA? “ I have no choice but to have faith once again to someone who is highly recommended by a friend, one thing I remember, my friend told me that Norilyn have helped so many NEW IMMIGRANTS in CANADA already. When I met her, I already knew, I have seen a HOPE as she answered all my questions with so much of expertise and hopes. I quickly FOLLOWED all of her advises.

There are times, I want to give up! There are times I want to CRY. I can only imagine her words of encouragement and when I call her, she can patiently answer my repeated questions with assurance that everything will be okay. I waited for almost a year.

At first when I found out that my work permit under the caregiver program was APPROVED. My tears rolled down to my cheeks. This time, it is not a sadness, not worries but JOYOUS tears. This time, this month of July 7th 2017. I am now fully RESTORED. Counting my days to 24 months to get the next step of my status in CANADA – a Permanent Resident and eventually a Citizen. This is my story… It was hard at first, second attempt, but in life, God will bring someone to be an instrument to fulfill His plan for us.

Thank you Norilyn Oligo-Sarma ! Without you I don't think someone elses can patiently restore my Immigration Status like what you did. From the bottom of my heart, my family and my town mates from my home country! You are AMAZING !